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 Albert Astals Cid - One Year of Gardening.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:53 9.6M Details
 Aleix Pol Gonzalez & Milian Wolff - KDevelop in 2015.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:53 33M Details
 Aleix Pol Gonzalez - Going Cross-Platform.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:54 79M Details
 Andrew Lake & Thomas Pfeiffer - I Have Visions, Should I Go See A Doctor.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:54 78M Details
 Baltazar Ortega - Teaching Free Software For Everyone.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:55 62M Details
 BoF_wrap_up_-_Monday.webm 27-Jul-2015 17:18 32M Details
 BoF_wrap_up_-_Thursday.webm 30-Jul-2015 20:12 24M Details
 BoF_wrap_up_-_Tuesday.webm 28-Jul-2015 17:24 42M Details
 Board of KDE e.V - Ask Us Anything.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:55 77M Details
 Boudewijn Rempt & Sebastian Kuglar - Embracing Mobile.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:56 89M Details
 Boudewijn Rempt - From Akademy Award to ImagineFX Award.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:57 100M Details
 Bruno Coudoin - GCompris Behind the Scene.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:57 82M Details
 Christian Mollekopf - The Road to a Next Iteration of Akonadi.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:58 77M Details
 Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen - Gemini.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:58 19M Details
 Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen - Shashlik.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:59 87M Details
 Daniel Vratil - LibAsync - Simlify Your Asyncronous Code.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:59 11M Details
 Daniel Vratil - Sandboxing KDE Applications.webm 31-Aug-2015 14:59 88M Details
 David Edmundson - Higher DPI Applications.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:00 17M Details
 David Edmundson - Plasma Desktop.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:00 79M Details
 Devaja Shah - KDE Love.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:01 96M Details
 Emmanuel Lepage Vallee - Ring 2.0.0 A Secured and Distributed Communication S..>31-Aug-2015 15:01 37M Details
 Frederik Gladhorn - Qt Quick Controls Reloaded.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:02 76M Details
 Google Summer of Code & Season of KDE.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:02 49M Details
 Irina Rempt - Krita Artists in the Spotlight.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:02 18M Details
 Jan Kundrat - Continuous Integration - One Year With Gerrit.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:03 67M Details
 Jan Kundrat - Trojita, A Fast IMAP Email Client.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:03 30M Details
 Jean-Baptiste Mardelle - Kdenlive - 10 Years Old, Time to Grow Up .webm 31-Aug-2015 15:04 62M Details
 Jens Reuterberg - Smart Tech and Sensible Tech.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:04 19M Details
 Jens Reuterberg - Your Work is Bad and You Should Feel Bad.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:04 32M Details
 Jos van den Oever - UNESCO PERSIST - Preserving Digital Heritage.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:04 53M Details
 Kai Uwe Broulik - Qt's Road to Mobile Domination.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:05 23M Details
 Kevin Ottens & Franck Arrecot - Test Doubles.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:05 85M Details
 Kevin Ottens - Do As I Say Not As I Do.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:05 17M Details
 Lydia Pintscher - Keynote: Evolving KDE.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:06 99M Details
 Martin Graesslin - Welcome to Masachusetts.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:07 85M Details
 Matija Suklja - FLA - We Meet Again.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:07 19M Details
 Matthias Kirschner - An Endangered Species: The Computer as a Universal Machi..>31-Aug-2015 15:08 114M Details
 Matthias Klumpp - AppStream and Application Distribution.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:08 66M Details
 Riccardo Iaconelli - WikiFM - How Do You Bring Open Knowledge to the World To..>31-Aug-2015 15:09 66M Details
 Rohan Garg & Harald Sitter - Continuous Package Delivery.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:09 77M Details
 Sandro Andrade - QtModeling - Bringing Metamodeling Features into the KDE Wor..>31-Aug-2015 15:10 62M Details
 Sanjiban Bairagya - Interactive Tours in Marble.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:10 10M Details
 Timothee Giet - Relooking GCompris.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:10 18M Details
 Vishesh Handa - File Search Across the Board.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:11 77M Details
 Volker Kause - Packing Structs.webm 31-Aug-2015 15:11 86M Details
 What_is_KDE.mp4 31-Jul-2015 09:26 23M Details
 What_is_KDE.webm 31-Jul-2015 09:26 2.9M Details

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