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The file /kdenlive/unstable/kdenlive-21.12.0-beta2-x86_64.appimage has a size of 172.5 MB (180847808 bytes) and was last modified on Sun, 14 Nov 2021 10:04:09 UTC.

Known hashes:


RankMirror NameURLCountryContinentDistanceSelection
1."Open Computing Facility - University of California Km100%
2.mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca Kmn/a
3.Universidade Federal do Parana Kmn/a
4.UKFast Kmn/a
5.Porto University Kmn/a
6.Academic Computer Club - Umeå University Kmn/a
7.Dotsrc.org Kmn/a
8.Ircam Kmn/a
9.Klaus-Uwe Mitterer Kmn/a
10.Florian Aigner Kmn/a
11.mirrors.xtom.ee Kmn/a
12.LIP6 Kmn/a
13.Karneval Kmn/a
14.ICM UW Kmn/a
15.GARR Consortium Kmn/a
16.Omnilance Cloud Technologies Kmn/a
17.mirrors.xtom.jp Kmn/a
18.mirrors.xtom.de Kmn/a Kmn/a
20.University of Science and Technology Kmn/a
21.National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Kmn/a
22.Geek NZ Kmn/a
23.Freedif.org Kmn/a

Excluded Mirrors

Mirror NameURLCountryContinentDistanceExclude Reason
Universidade de São Paulo KmDisabled